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 " I cannot describe how much Kathy has changed my life. I found her at exactly the right time. I initially signed up for 12 sessions, but quickly decided to double that to 24. Kathy made me feel so confident and so supported. That support didn't stop once I stepped out of the gym. She provided nutritional advice, as well as daily workouts to follow on my own. That kind of accountability was so helpful to me. That support meant so much! Kathy was also aware that I'm a busy stay at home mom (with limited gym equipment) and she made my workouts work for my schedule. Kathy has certainly found her calling with training. She's motivating, inspiring, and truly cares about the success of her clients. "

Amy F. / Virginia Beach, VA

"Back in February of 2018, I began interviewing and meeting with trainers in the Norfolk and Virginia Beach area but none of them felt like the perfect match. I almost gave up my search until I came across Kathy’s profile. From the first day of meeting for our consultation to six months of rehabilitation and intensive training, Kathy has been nothing short of authentic, passionate, and most of all, dedicated, throughout our time together. With Kathy’s expert guidance and training, I have lost inches, gained cardiovascular strength and built muscle. Outside of the gym, Kathy has helped me work on my nutrition and staying on track each week. I didn’t think any of this would be possible but Kathy proved to me that I could do it and go beyond my own expectations. At the core of it all is Kathy’s drive and determination to go above and beyond to help each of her clients. She advocates and supports each person she works with, whether it is inside or outside of the gym. She is truly the epitome of what every personal trainer should strive to be. "

Meredith K / Norfolk, VA

" I don’t even know where to begin so we will just start from the first day. When I first met Kathy I did not view myself in a positive way. I hated how I looked, I hated how I felt, I hated that I couldn’t keep up with the other girls in the gym, to put it simply I hated myself. Kathy not only created a program to help me reach my goals she worked endlessly on helping me love myself again. She showed me how to be strong mentally and physically. 

Along with the emotional support Kathy truly knows her stuff! I came to her after a serious double ankle injury, weak hips, and a shoulder that never wanted to work. She gave me exercises to do inside the gym and at home that helped me rehabilitate those areas. To this day I still complete those exercises religiously to make sure I don’t reinjure myself.

Lastly let’s talk about food, I never felt that I was judged. If I fell off the wagon Kathy used encouraging and positive words to help me regain my momentum with the program. She didn’t make me feel ashamed I had a setback. She helped me learn what my body needed and how to turn “dieting” into a lifestyle change. 

It is not enough to say that Kathy changed my life. I am grateful for everything she provided as my personal trainer, she went above and beyond what I had expected. She gave me all the tools I needed to start this amazing journey. "

Kristin H. / Chesapeake, VA

"She took the time to get to know me and my needs, and has created a workout program that has influenced my health and well-being, to the point that I absolutely refuse to miss, or make an excuse not to attend, my twice-a-week sessions with this capable and special woman.  Her one-to-one interactions with me have led to a positive turnaround in both the physical and emotional components of my life.  I credit her for educating and inspiring me to become the healthier and happier person I am today."

Laura C. / San Diego, CA

" Forever thankful for THE GREAT Kathy Frank. Prior to meeting Kathy, I was in a rut. Running, yoga and group exercise classes were no longer yielding the results I wanted. So, I decided to try barbell lifting - of which I had zero experience. I reached out to Kathy and from the moment we spoke, I knew she was the girl for me. Kathy listened to what I said and I could tell she really cared about her client’s success. We set up a fitness plan to accommodate my desires and schedule (and continue to tweak it when it no longer works for me). We sat down and set up short term and long term goals, which are regularly reviewed. Based on our goals, she gives me weekly programming for our training days and also to perform on my own the remainder of the week. We also discussed nutrition, which is a weakness of mine. I had a lot of corrective issues that needed to be addressed in order to get the maximum benefit out of my workouts. And, yes, my programming also includes warm up/corrective moves and cool down moves! During our training sessions, Kathy taught me the basics and was able to explain everything in a way that i was able to understand - remember I had zero lifting experience. I now feel very confident with the moves and my form. When I workout alone, I can hear Kathy in my ear coaching me through the movement.I was so pleased with the service and knowledge that Kathy provided, that what I thought was going to be an 8 week personal training session turned into another 8 week session then another. I have gained so much knowledge and continue to learn from Kathy. I want to keep her forever! Kathy is so encouraging, intelligent, reliable and most of all patient and kind. She is everything that I ever needed in a trainer. THANK YOU! "

Kasey M. / Norfolk, VA

Kathy, I would like to formally thank you, as you know when I came to you I was at my wits end, constant pain from arthritis and extreme weakness in my right shoulder and among other parts of my body, I was not in  a good healthy place with my weight or eating habits. I was not sure if anything could be done for this old lady. I soon found out how wrong I was,  with your wide range of  knowledge and attention to  form you always created a pain free workout that kept me on track for my goal of increasing my strength and correcting my bad posture. You also taught me about nutrition and changing my eating habits and not doing the D (Diet) thing . Thanks to your efforts after only 4 months I feel fabulous and so happy with the way I feel and look . I am rocking my favorite pair of jeans that I have not worn in over 3 years…………..Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!!!


Your old Lady Client with a new outlook on life

Leesa C / Virginia Beach, VA

“....I was battling a stress fracture back in July, so I sought out Kathy and met with her and we discussed where I was at in my life. I'm a runner and have a solid running program, so my goal in the gym is to compliment my running injury free! So I have been training with Kathy since August 2 times/week and my stress fracture is gone and my times are steadily going down!! I know I do my part but I owe a lot of this to her!! She even ran a 10k with me just to support me! Meant the world to me!! She also pays very close attention from the minute I walk in the gym and can tell if something is off, so she will and does know if I'm not being honest!! She often says that Personal Training is Personal. Anyone not sure about getting a trainer, Kathy is working wonders for me and I highly recommend her!!”

Bryan M. / Virginia Beach, VA

“I cannot express to you all how thankful I am to have found kathy! When I first met her, I was feeling incredible low about my postpartum body. I was eager to change and didn’t know where to start. Cue in beautiful human—Kathy Frank!! She has pushed me beyond any point I set for myself. She has continued to teach me to be patient with my changing body. Because of her and her kick ass knowledge and teachings, I am starting to see myself again.You are exactly what I needed to succeed. I mean it when I say: you have brought me back to life.”

Erika O, / Virginia Beach, VA


My life has totally changed for the better since we have met. In the past five months we have worked together, you have helped guide me down the path of self-awareness. The first time that you and I worked out, I knew I was in good hands…

Once of my main concerns about training, was the lack of confidence in myself. Growing up lifting weights properly was something I never did because I taught myself how to lift weights and exercise improperly. 

It is remarkable how you strengthened my prior injuries with time. I went from self doubt to complete confidence in myself. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me understand how to achieve my goals. I have lost over 40 pounds and maintained that weight through exercise, protein, and complete confidence in myself. And whho would have thought I had a 30 inch vertical jump besides you? 

I feel totally blessed that you have become such an inspiration in my life. Thank you for making me feel alive again!

Paul P. / San Diego, CA

"She helped me get stronger and used innovative methods that I could incorporate when exercising at home. I'm grateful for her patience and professionalism and would recommend Kathy to anyone looking for a trainer who can set them on the right path."

Stella V. / San Diego CA

I would like to take this time out to say thank you.  Thank you for encouraging me, believing in me, and showing me that I can be confidant and humble in the gym setting.  

I still remember my first day.  I was scheduled to meet with Kathy and it took me atleast 30min to get out of the car.  I was so embarrassed on how I let myself go after three kids, juggling dental hygiene school and finally getting settled in my career.  Food was my getaway, it never judged me it felt great eating everything.  But overtime I felt by body was bery unhealthy.  I still have a rough journey on my relationship with food.  

Kathy was always there to educated and teach me the importance of nutrition along with proper exercise and form.  She has the heart of gold with all the patience in the world.  There's was a time I wanted to givet up and Kathy was there to pick me up dust me off and say we can do this. 

Grace C. / Virginia Beach, VA

Kathy Frank has been an amazing trainer to work with! I was going off of about a year and a half of pretty much no exercise paired with a shoulder injury that I had spent 6 months in physical therapy for. Kathy’s knowledge has been crucial in helping me regain my strength in both my injured shoulder and overall. Being discouraged and having low motivation from my previous time out of the gym, I was simply hoping to get back a baseline fitness level. Kathy helped me shoot past that basic level of fitness and not only has my overall strength improved to better than my previous bests, but she has helped me recover my motivation again! I can hardly relate into words how much this means to me. I have and will continue to recommend Kathy to anyone I know looking for a trainer, she truly is one of the best I have known.

Emily D. / Virginia Beach, VA

" I love working with Kathy. I appreciate that she works with my work schedule and fits me in twice a week so I can get into the gym. I love how she helps me make realistic health goals to meet and puts in so much effort in and outside of the gym to make sure I am continuing my hard work. I have lost 15 lbs and 7 inches working with Kathy. I can feel myself moving around better, lift more, and push myself longer. I would not have made that much progress with out her by my side every step of the way. On my hard days I genuinely look forward to coming and working out with Kathy. She is always personable, professional, and very hard working. I was lucky to find a trainer like her that I feel not only is my biggest motivator but a friend as well. "

Jade F / Virginia Beach, VA

I have nerve damage in my leg from a ruptured disk that impacts my balance & muscle strength in my leg, ankle, and foot. All I wanted to do was get stronger & avoid future back surgeries. Kathy listened to my challenges, my concerns for my back and my desire to get stronger. She challenged me without ever pushing me past proper form or into a movement that would compromise my back. She has asked me to try things, that in our initial sessions, were difficult for me and to my surprise it was no longer difficult. She understands how to build strength layer by layer. After my strength gains and her gentle, occasional nudges, I have started working weight loss as well. She goes above and beyond, checking food logs and giving advice, making sure to provide workouts if you are traveling. I could go on and on but really it comes down to this- I hd felt like I had made substantial progress in regards to the function of my leg & foot- But after a year with Kathy it’s 100% better than when I first met her. I can do more of the things I love and have learned to like the gym and LOVE lifting weights….

Serena B. / San Diego, CA

" I have worked with several personal trainers in my life prior to working with Kathy. I have a cervical spine injury and knee issues that limit some of my activities. I also deal with thyroid disease and have been packing on the weight. Despite chronic pain and injury limitations, I decided to give personal training another try. I contacted Kathy and she immediately responded with excitement and encouraging words. It has been almost a year and I can honestly say, Kathy is a superb personal trainer. I am steadily losing weight, have kept my pain to a minimum, and have increased my physical strength. Each workout is something new and interesting, and I am never bored. Kathy pushes me to maximum physical output without making me so sore I can’t move. I never dread going to a workout and always feel challenged. If there is ever a time where my chronic pain elevates during a workout, Kathy quickly applies modifications to reduce or eliminate pain while still training hard. She is very well educated in physical therapy techniques and has helped me through severe injury related pain. Kathy will also work with you to stay on track nutritionally and mentally. She is always positive and makes me feel like she is always in my corner. I highly recommend Kathy as a personal trainer. I feel stronger mentally and physically since training with her. Not only does she listen to your physical training needs, she is also there to talk on a personal level. It will feel like you are training with your close friend. Do yourself a favor and get in touch with Kathy today. She is truly genuine, very professional, eager to help you achieve your goals, and an all-around fabulous person. You won’t be disappointed." 

Peggy H. / San Diego, CA

"You can’t ask for more.  Having Kathy as a Personal Trainer was an amazing experience!  Being military and Law Enforcement it’s hard to find time to get on a routine for fitness with having to adapt to different schedules.  Kathy went above and beyond her position to make sure I was motivated and made it into the gym.  She was very flexible and even made a schedule of personalized workouts for me to do on the days we didn’t meet.  Kathy also taught me a lot about stretching and mobility, which I was lacking.  It’s hard to believe somebody so sweet can still kick my butt at the gym.  I really looked forward to the workouts because they were fun and she was always looking for new ways to challenge me.  Thank you Kathy!!! "

Lourdes N. / Chicago, IL

When I started to train with Kathy, I wanted to lose a few inches and get toned. I have been in the gym on and off for a few years and my goal was to get into a routine where I must workout at least 4x/week. Kathy was super knowledgeable and compassionate about fitness. She built customized workouts for me and kept me accountable. I lost a few inches in my waist just after 5 weeks! I absolutely loved working with Kathy and would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their fitness and health.

Justyna P. / San Diego, CA

"Started 2 months ago with Kathy Frank, not only has she helped me with my form- but she is also helping me build back confidence and self esteem. Postpartum is not fun, and with the help from Kathy- the gym has been a great source for me to feel myself again!"

Melissa N. / Virginia Beach, VA

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