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Kathy Frank

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• Bachelor's Exercise Science Degree
• Certified Personal Trainer
• Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist
• Certified Pre & Postnatal Coach
• Certified Pregnancy & Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist
• Certified Nutrition Coaching

Hi, thanks for stopping by! I grew up near Chicago, Illinois and currently reside in Virginia Beach with my husband and our doggo. When I'm not training, you can find me spending quality time with family!

I grew up playing sports & leading an active lifestyle. It wasn't until I went away to college where I began seeing the true value in exercising and strength training for better quality of life. This led me to pursue my Exercise Science degree. I later went on to intern & work within rehabilitative settings, assisting patients & clients through their programs. I enjoyed the rehabilitative approach, but saw an opportunity to combine both structured strength training programs with rehabilitative techniques. I now combine corrective exercise into my programs as an added measure to keep clients well-rounded & injury free.

My goal is to encourage my clients to Find Power in Movement. I do not just want my clients to succeed, I want them to THRIVE for years to come. I offer a realistic approach that yields sustainable results.

I offer my personal training services both online & in person. I have worked with a variety of individuals for almost a decade. Here's a look at the populations/training goals I work with most:

- Busy moms looking to stay healthy after kids (& take time for themselves!)

- Pre & Postnatal Clients

- Clients looking to build their foundation inside the gym

- Clients seeking Weight loss/ Fat Loss

- Clients seeking Hypertrophy/ Build Muscle

- Clients wanting to Build Strength

I have also coached group classes for both children, adults & seniors throughout the years. I find complete joy in helping others achieve success with fitness. 

My Vision:

Kathy’s vision is to help more people than ever by extending her services to the online community. Kathy aspires to be a leader in the health & fitness industry for those looking to take control of their health. She wants others to find power in movement.

My mission:

Kathy Frank Training strives to take the intimidation factor out of fitness. Kathy designs and delivers truly individualized programs. Kathy offers a realistic approach with sustainable results. Her kind, professional and knowledgeable skillset will help encourage and guide client’s on their unique health and fitness journeys. 

My core values:

Kathy Frank Training was built on these core values:

1. Quality: Kathy is committed to excellence and strives to continuously improve her skillset and development as a health and fitness professional.

2. Dedication: Kathy strives to give each new client the attention they deserve in order to achieve their goals. Kathy understands that no two individuals are alike and will remain dedicated to serve others on an individual basis.

3. Passion: Kathy believes that passion is at the forefront of her business. Her passion for training is unmatched and has forged her own path both personally and professionally.

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