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Purchase While You Wait 8 week Strength + Conditioning Program PLUS follow along with your program in an app! You will get a PDF copy of your program PLUS you will have access to the program in the Train Heroic App.


So if you would prefer to follow your program on any mobile device, this plan is for you! Please note: access to the Train Heroic app will expire after 6 months from time of purchase. Your PDF copy is yours to keep forever.


What is it? 

This is an 8 Week Strength & Conditioning Program designed to prepare your body for pregnancy during seasons of preconception. 

This program is primarily catered toward women wanting to educate themselves and prepare their bodies for pregnancy; however, other women can benefit from this program as well, regardless if they are trying to conceive! The program is focused on helping you to train smarter and with greater intention- so this is fitting for those wanting to get stronger, improve aesthetics and/or most certainly build a rock solid foundation with all of the tools and movements provided!

What's included?

  • 4 Strength Training Days - 2 Lower Body + 2 Upper Body Days
  • 2 Aerobic Conditioning + Pelvic Floor & Core Connection Days
  • 1 Recovery day with added breathwork & mobility
  • Optional Conditioning is provided on 2 training days each week
  • Educational Content, both in written & video form, to help you get the most out of your program (Breathing re-education, building a deeper connection to your core + pelvic floor plus other tips to keep in mind that will be helpful in seasons of pregnancy & postpartum).
  • Video demonstrations of all movements - including warm ups & cool downs
  • Modifications for main exercises- assigned as  Level 1-3 so you can choose your level you'd like to work at and/or based on equipment you have access to. 
  • 8 Week Training Calendar
  • Space to track your loads & progress each week

What equipment is needed?

It is recommended that you have a gym or well-equipped home gym to use while following this program. Popular equipment you will see:

  • Barbells and/or dumbbells
  • Resistance bands (crossover symmetry bands are plus!)
  • Mini Resistance Bands/ Hip circles
  • Pilates ball or any kind of children's toy ball works just fine - can even substitute rolled up towel or pillow
  • Bench

BONUS: While You Wait Digital Download + App access

  • Once payment is made, you will receive a link to download your program as a PDF. You will also receive an email containing this link and it is good for 30 days. All purchases are final and non-refundable.

    You will receive an email within 24 hours on how to get set up in the Train Heroic App to access your program. You will have access to your program within the Train Heroic app for 6 months upon purchase. At this time, your program will expire. Your PDF copy is yours to keep forever.

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